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How do you sum up your entire personality into a few paragraphs and photos?




Well what I can tell you is that I am totally quirky. That I’m a people watcher. That I love having dinner parties. That my favourite food is cherry tomatoes and I am a converted cat person. That I live with my boyfriend and he makes me laugh more than anyone. I am super sensitive to hot and cold weather. That I go for long walks sometimes when I feel sad or inspired. That I thrive most during shoots and the worst part about my job is being alone at my computer. That I do a lot of yoga. That I’m a great cook but a terrible baker. That people often describe me as kind. That travelling fills me with a joy I cannot explain.  That I’d rather be outside. That I have a weakness for fancy cake, cute animals and a sunrise. That someday I want to buy a Nissan Figaro. That I absolutely adore making people feel beautiful.


I believe that we are all infinitely complex beings. To simplify a person to a collection of their interests is to lose all the beautiful in-betweens that they share with the world. The way they look when they laugh without abandon; the sarcastic comments they say to their close friends; the tone of their voice when they are nervous but trying not to show it – these are the little things that make us unique. These are the little things I want to try to show you in my photos: the momentary beauty in the subtleties of this world.


So, who am I? I’m someone who is totally and utterly obsessed with love. I want you to trust me so that I can see you, see your love story, see the way that you live your life and document it all in the most honest and beautiful way that I can. I’m looking to work with people who share a love for gorgeous, authentic images who want to collaborate with a photographer who feels more like a friend than a stranger. If you think I might be the right person to take your pictures, please reach out to me!


I’m very active on Instagram and that’s a great place to creep on my daily life, adventures, and most recent work. Say hi!

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'We hired Tash for our wedding and, as two people who aren't the most confident in front of the camera, we couldn't be happier with the stunning photos we received. Tash helped us feel comfortable and we ended up having such a fun time shooting. She really captured 'us' in the photos and provided such perfect memories from our day. Plus, our wedding was even featured on a top UK wedding blog as a result of her handiwork!'

Nicki and Matt

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