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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Luke and Carmel got engaged about a year ago and are planning on having a long engagement. They told me that they want to enjoy this chapter in their lives before saying the big I DO’s on their wedding day and stepping into the new journey of married life. Luke is a keen snowboarder and has spent many years visiting the beautiful town of Chamonix in the French alps, with his family. For their engagement shoot, they will be having a winter and a summer shoot. So naturally, the winter shoot was to be right here - in Chamonix. What better idea than to have an elopement engagement shoot in a place that means so much to you. I just loved this idea and the pair were so excited to try something adventurous in the aim of getting some amazing photos to celebrate them as a couple and their engagement.

Carmel and Luke have also recently acquired a new member of their family - Rufus the cavapoochon - so naturally, he was to join in on the action of the photography.

The day before the shoot, we walked around Chamonix taking in the scenery and looking for the perfect spot for the couple’s photos. Everywhere was stunning and it was so hard to choose! So many opportunities for a creative elopement engagement shoot. We took the carriage all the way to the top of Mont Blanc and just spent some time taking in the breathtaking views.

The next day was shoot day and poor Carmel was feeling a bit under the weather - we hadn't planned for altitude sickness! A bit later in the day, she started to feel a little better. She put on a gorgeous leopard print number and hat and with that, the three of them and me (the photographer) headed out. Luckily, absolutely everywhere is beautiful, so we didn’t need to head to the top of the mountain to find beautiful spots. The photos below were taken just around the block from where the pair were staying.

I like to pose my couples as little as possible to ensure that I capture the real ‘them’. For me, it’s so important that the two of you have a set of photos that represent your personality and the true love that you have between you, not a set of orchestrated shots. The most posing I will do is, if I see a gorgeous spot, I’ll be like ‘guys walk over there, the light is beautiful’ and they do.. and it works perfectly!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your engagement shoot or for your wedding day, drop me a message at and tell me all about your day. I love to hear about all the details, from how you met to colour scheme ideas, so don’t hold back!

Tash x

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