Couples shoot on Sandbanks Beach, Dorset | Bournemouth Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jun 15

I was thrilled when Mikey and Nes asked me to do a couple’s shoot with them on Sandbanks beach in Bournemouth. Eighteen months after their wedding, they are still very much in love and it was wonderful to be a part of that.

Sandbanks beach is renowned for its beauty, hosting many prestigious events and offering great lengths of pale sand complimented by rustic sad dunes close by. I knew we were in for a treat but given the time of year, it wasn’t without its challenges. The rain was teasing us and you won’t be able to tell below, but the dog walkers were plentiful; we even witnessed a proposal not far from our shoot too. Luckily we found a couple of breaks in the rain and I so happened to have a black faux fur coat in my car which complimented Nes’s outfit perfectly.

We ended the couples shoot at Sandbanks Beach by going to a local pub called The Cliff in Canford Cliffs where we grabbed a drink and had a look at the sneak peeks from the shoot.

Nes is from Chicago and after two years spent in the UK, this album will top off their UK chapter before moving onto their new adventure…. Which tbc.

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