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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Engagement Shoots are SO MUCH FUN. They are the ultimate addition to your engaged chapter and they give you a chance to get some photos of the two of you in a location that you love but won't be getting married in. Not to mention that your wedding day may well be the first time the two of you have professional photos taken together, so it's a great way to have a practice run in front of the camera to ease those on the wedding day nerves.

I am a London based UK Wedding Photographer. I photograph couples shoots, engagement shoots and weddings all over England and abroad. My style is creative documentary, meaning that it will feel like we are just hanging out but your photos are going to be next level.

Totally relaxed and just like we're hanging out

No awkward posing,

just the two of you as you always are

How I Shoot

I take photos that represents who you are as a couple, a peek into what it's like to be you two. Your jokes, your cuddles and the way you naturally hang out with each other when nobody's watching.

Spontaneity and fun is at the heart of all my shoots and this dynamic helps create space for you two to enjoy the process as if we're just hanging out taking photos.

Instead of throwing you into a bunch of unnatural poses, I will guide you guys with questions and games as we shoot to get those natural reactions.

We work together to pick somewhere that's both meaningful to you and that will look standout AMAZING

The Location

It's important that you have your engagement photos taken at a location that means something to you both. And it's equally important that photographically, the location will allow your photos to be stand-out-AMAZING. That's why I always ask my couples to send me through two or three options so that together we can pick somewhere that's going to be both meaningful and stunning.

The first thing I'll ask is nature or city? And then we just take it from there.

What To Wear

Two major boxes to tick here; dress up and be comfortable. Wear something that you look AND feel incredible in. Comfort is key to this. Don't match your outfits but do check that they work together. Chances are that we are going to cover a bit of ground within your location so bring flats! Even if you don't wear them the whole time, they're a necessity.

How Long Do I Shoot?

My engagement shoot lasts 1 hour. It is usually more than enough to cover many locations if they are within a walking distance.

You can of course choose to add more sessions if you'd like to cover more locations, but I limit these to a max of 3 sessions within a day. I want you guys to enjoy the whole process and not get tired of walking around taking photos and I really find that most times, one session is the sweet spot.

What is the Best Time to Shoot?

Early morning or early evening. The sun is at it's most flattering at these times at tends to be the most romantic light!

Top Tip - if shooting at a more touristy location, try to pick a week day when it tends to be much less crowded for your engagement shoot.

What if it Rains?

We can never trust the British weather! It rains in a lot of my sessions, but it usually stops after a few minutes.

Just before I start shooting my engagement shoots, I always advise couples to embrace the weather and go with the flow; wind and and a bit of rain can look amazing in photos! In case there's a heavy storm, I’m happy to move our shoot by a day, depending on my schedule.

What if we are super shy in front of the camera?

It's normal to feel awkward when you're doing something that you've never done before. I don't expect anyone I shoot to be model-pros and I use techniques that really help you feel more natural and at ease in front of the camera.

My aim is to take engagement photos that celebrate your life and relationship together - whether you're introverted or extroverted, getting your real personalities on camera is what matters.

Most of the time, it will really feel more like we're just hanging out taking photos because the whole shoot is more spontaneous and dynamic rather than posed and I tend to follow the pace of each couple I shoot.

How much is the shoot?

I price my Engagement Shoots according to the requirements of my couple, as each and every shoot is bespoke to you. Prices start from £300. Drop me a message to say hi and with some details about the shoot you'd like and I can tailor a package to your needs. The best way to message me is via email contact@tashbustaphotography.com


Tash Busta Photography, London

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