Five Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Updated: Feb 17

You’re engaged!! Congratulations on finding that one to be your forever person *heart eyes*. You’re now embarking on the journey to plan the day of your dreams and that’s unique, just to you two.

Choosing your wedding photographer can feel like a minefield, right? You’re going to be putting your heart and soul into planning every detail for your big day; the most special people in your life are going to be there, so you want to make sure those memories live on forever. I once heard someone say ‘A photo is a pause button on life’ and I couldn’t agree more.

My Granny (aka Troodles) is the most special person in the world to me and one thing that this year has taught me is that we need to hold our people close - and when I next see her, we are planning a photo shoot! This is her when we went on holiday to Rome in 2018. Isn’t she the best!?

So, without further ado, here are my five top tips on choosing your Wedding Photographer.

1. The Photographer’s Portfolio.

Choose a Wedding Photographer who has a portfolio of photos that blow you away. Let me say that again: blow-you-away. I know how much planning and preparation that goes into your wedding day and choosing a photographer should be at the top of that list. Once you’re hitched and the years go by, your photos are what you are going to be looking back on time and time again. Imagine 10 years from now, maybe you’re going to have little ones; will you remember or did you even see Granny’s facial expression at the best man speech? Well I bet you your photographer caught it on camera!

2. Wedding Photography Style

Decide which genre of photography you like and suits you the most. You have probably seen that there are a multitude of options when it comes to wedding photography and this is where you can really narrow it down your favourites. Do you want posey, staged photos or do you want candid moments caught on cam? Do you like a dark and moody edit or a light and airy edit. Imagine the photos printed and framed in your home, what look do you like? There is no point in booking a corporate style wedding photographer and asking them to shoot arty/edgy photos for you. I know that there is the right photographer out there for you and they are waiting for you!

Beautiful photo of bride and groom with their cute puppy at sunset in the New Forest

3. Real Weddings

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a styled shoot - they are the best way to get creative ideas for your wedding theme, because the team behind them has an abundance of experience in weddings . In a sense, they work a bit like the fashion catwalk for the wedding industry. However, if a photographer ONLY has images of styled shoots in their portfolio, this could be a red flag. Styled shoots offer a lot of time for the photographer to get the image just right, where as at a wedding, there are no retakes. Ask to see real wedding photos if you’re not sure.

Candid photo of bride hugging her Dad at chic French wedding in Bordeaux

4. Hire a Professional

Seriously, this is so important. Your friend may have a fancy-looking camera and maybe it is, but chances are they don’t exactly know how to use it and they haven’t shot a wedding before. Wedding photographers invest thousands in equipment that can handle that low lit church or reception room and they know their gear inside out. I personally update my camera, lenses, lighting and software regularly so that my equipment is the best possible standard and makes my photos totally stand-out.

5. Choose Someone You Like!

They’re going to be in relatively close proximity with you and you’re nearest and dearest on arguably the biggest day of your life. Trust me, you’re going to want to have someone who’s on your level and will get on with your people. I really recommend meeting/Skyping with your potential photographer before officially booking them so that you can really get a feel for how you both get on. Do you like them? Do you feel comfortable around them? It’s also the best way to ask any final questions you might have that could tie up any photography essential check points.

Photo of Tash Busta Photography looking delighted under neon sign about love

I hope this has helped you in getting that little bit closer in choosing the perfect wedding photographer for you. If you want to find out a bit more about how I work and whether we could be Photography Soul Mates, then reach out book in a call! I am always up for a chat and even more so if it’s about weddings. Email me over at or fill out my contact form and let’s get a date in the diary!

Tash x